Regional Projects

Regional projects are developed in response to regional priorities and involve projects that are of regional significance and/or those of a scale that cross member Council boundaries, thereby requiring collaboration and coordination.

Regional projects are selected using a multi-criteria analysis process that takes into account the extent to which the project has the potential to deliver positive economic, social or environmental outcomes for the region.

Regional projects can also arise in response to releases or announcements on funding commitments by the government (State and Federal) for major projects, programs, policies, strategies or legislation.

The South West Group also undertakes a range of agreed projects that aim to:

  • Progress activity in a specific area agreed to by participating Councils
  • Help inform the region and stakeholders so that an appropriate course of action can be determined, and/or to
  • Demonstrate innovation, best practice or leadership on a particular issue or area of activity

These projects usually address issues common to multiple member Councils in the region and seek to gain efficiencies in their development and delivery through economies of scale, pooling resources and collaborative effort.