Statistical Updates

The South West Group relies upon publically available statistics on key economic indicators to assess the health of the regional economy and determine trends that assist in workforce planning, skills development, investment and the identification of priority activities that respond to current and future challenges.

Keeping stakeholders informed on the economic issues affecting the region is an important awareness raising and advocacy role undertaken by the South West Group.

The South West Group compiles and distributes key statistical information in the form of regular updates for the Board, its Committees and external stakeholders including Federal and State Members of Parliament, State Government agencies, industry groups, business associations and other key stakeholders in the region.

Key economic data contained in the Statistical Updates include:

  • State lot activity approvals – subdivision lots created
  • Building approvals – building licences issued by the member Councils
  • Labour market data – quarterly provided by Department of Employment
  • Labour market data – monthly provided by ABS
  • Population figure – provided by ABS
  • South West Metropolitan Region profile – statistical data summary